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All About Facial Toners

I just thought I'd send this simple tip out on this topic.  In over 10 years educating and selling cosmetics to people on the importance of a 3 step system facial regimen, I realized there is a lot of confusion about using a toner. Many people think this is an unnecessary step in our skin care routine but most experts agree that toning can be a valuable addition to a skin care routine. When you use a facial wash, the toner helps to remove any residue left behind by the cleanser including makeup or oils your cleanser might have missed. Using a toner is beneficial , especially if you have oily skin. This is because it helps shrink skin pores, restores the pH balance to your skin, adds a layer of protection, and forms a perfect base for the moisturizer.


Choosing a toner

The are many choices out there but as always your choice will depend on your skin type for effectiveness. Using the wrong type or chemical loaded toner can result in dry skin as an example.

No need to worry though, you don’t need to spend even more on buying expensive over the counter branded toners. There are a few DIY toners that are effective and simply natural. My favourite toner is the rosewater toner. You can either make it from scratch or buy a simple rosewater bottle and use as a toner in spray form. Rose water toner has many uses and helps to achieve the following benefits, it balances skin pH, fights acne, freshens and softens the skin, it is a natural aftershave treatment to sooth skin and acts as a cool treatment for sunburns and has a perfect scent to make you feel good.


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