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K Body Blends

My name is Khadijah Haliru and I personally create each product that you buy form us. I always loved creating and finding solutions for myself and even more so I loved to share my creations with those who suffered from the same or similar skincare issues that I had. Whether you suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis, Flaky rough elbows or cracked skin, I have learnt over the years that my solutions work and now I can safely say that I have a solution for you.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  This is certainly true in my case.  From an early age my skin and feet cried out for special care but commercial products were not for me.  I believed that our skin can be nourished and heal naturally and so I set out to find the ingredients that would become my perfect skincare blend.  After 18 years, I realized soaking my feet every night in warm water and covering all my cracks and whole feet in Vaseline to soften and covering with socks, wasn't working. I noticed however that if I used the natural organic butters, I would see quicker results. And so I began perfecting bends and started to see and feel different results.

I moved to North America from Africa early 2000's and shortly after I had an unpleasant experience trying to find raw materials, this caused me to dig deeper into the sources of getting them and their whole supply chain. I researched how to gain access to them and realized that I had something to offer others. So, I set about bringing my creations to life and share with my community. 

What's the secret to why my products work so well? Understanding individual ingredients and what they bring to healing, is key before knowing how to blend and create the right solution. I have both the personal experience and knowledge to be of help.

While using my products you will find comfort in its richness and soon believe how simple organic blends can deliver such healing. Its all chemical free and even our preservative is natural.

Now imagine what your skin will feel like if you gave us a try and You can be on your way to healed glowing  skin.