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How to Do a Facial at Home

Freshen up for 2021!

Alright! We are in the final few days of 2020 and you are wondering how you’ll care for your skin while on lock down? Or maybe you haven’t even thought about it, after all, you aren’t going anywhere soon so why should you care right? Well wrong, being stuck indoors in our cozy heated homes could do a lot of damage as much as the exposure from other factors like UV rays.
To make it easy, We decided to share some tips here on a simple step process to help you achieve great skin during lock down. 
Step 1 – Cleanse, Cleansing your skin is like prepping a canvas for artwork. You’ll need to make sure you aren’t stripping away more from your skin with your choice of facial wash so avoids soaps loaded with 

  • Parabens. ...
  • Synthetic colors. ...
  • Fragrance. ...
  • Phthalates. ...
  • Triclosan. ...
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). ...
  • Formaldehyde. ...
  • Toluene

That’s why trying K Body Blends African Black Soap can be a great start. It’s an all natural, all in one wash that won’t strip the oils from your skin or cause irritation and dryness.
Step 2 – Exfoliate, using sugar scrubs, even the ones you make yourself can help you achieve some much needed exfoliation. Using a smooth facial cloth also does a good job without agitation, especially if you suffer from acne. 
Step 3 – Steam, steaming helps to open your pores and allow deep rooted black heads to lift up easy. Do not immediately rinse with cold water. 
Step 4 – Apply a Mask. Following your facial steam, a mask can be to balance skin, intense moisture or to lift impurities from your skin. Make sure to rinse well after application. 
Step 5 – Toning, using a timer help to balance the pH on your skin so don’t skip this step. It also allows for enhanced cleansing even after all your washing. 
Following the toner your ski is ready to receive any treatments you wish to apply. At this point the skin will soak it in deep and thank you for feeding it. 
Note: Packaging May differ.
Step 6 – Finally, Moisturizing Your Skin. A great moisturizer like the K Body Blends Natural Silk Facial moisturizer protects with nourishment from Shea  butter natural oils and renewal from silk peptides. Grab a jar today for your final touch each morning and night! 
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