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Benefits of KETO

Ready to start KETO? OK, so you have decided to start your journey but, its important to know a few basic things. I remember just hearing stories or reading about how others felt encouraged me on my #keto journey. I was so satisfied with the information I heard from people like me that after years of research, it was the #ketotestimonies that gave me the motivation to change my lifestyle, so here goes..

With all the hype out there, it is time to find the one thing people on the #KETO diet have in common.

1.They claim they have fewer #cravings (why? because, in the absence of glucose which we get from carbs, your body metabolizes fats for energy so you don’t feel the need to eat for energy)

2. They enjoy eating the #healthy fats they thought were bad. (Adding butter to eggs and flavourful olive oils make cooking healthier in this case).

3.The find they have more mental clarity( with increased healthy fats in your diet, your body gets nourishment from omega 3 and 6 which contain health DHA and AHA for mental clarity).

4.They actually loose weight (ketones provides sustained energy and high energy source for our brains, when we don’t use up all our glucose it usually turns to fat but now you simply don’t have excess to store)

5.They are finally in control of the food choices they make. Fatty foods are more enjoyable yet filling in small quantities. (You are able to enjoy some balance and control once you get used to your macros).

6. Eliminating Body #aches and #pains along with many other claims on better health. (Sugar is known to cause inflammation, which contributes to pain, so it makes sense that eliminating most sugars help you feel better).

If you think you are finally ready to make a commitment for even 1 week. My experience and many others who are on the #keto diet find it is the most satisfying #lifestyle.


The #ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called #ketosis. The goal is to eat more fat which then helps your body burn more fat. This as proven in the science of ketosis. Consuming fat for an extended period of time and your body will become fat adapted and will start relying on using fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

No wonder it works, for the first time we are told to actually replace what we deprive ourselves of with another food group and it works just fine.