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The K Body Blends Story

It's been a few months of meeting and experiencing the charm of downtown Ingersoll and the town residents. I have learnt a lot about the needs of our community and now can better position myself to serve in a unique way. April brings showers and so I thought getting to know me personally can help you get comfortable trusting my creations to help you as you contemplate switching or making new choices. As a new season is ushered in, its time to make changes and I would love to see and help even more customers as they transition to purely natural skincare. So here is a little bit of my story.


They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  This is certainly true in my case.  From an early age my skin and feet cried out for special care but commercial products were not for me.  I believed that our skin can be nourished and heal naturally and so I set out to find the ingredients that would become my perfect skincare blend.  After an unpleasant experience trying to find raw materials, I researched how to gain access to them and realized that I had something to offer others. So, I set about opening up a store to serve my community. 



Each of us is special with individual needs.  That is why I feel that one on one support is so important.  I am always excited to help my customers learn about natural care products and offer DIY kits as well.  Not only do I believe 110% in natural products but I also believe in doing business honestly and with integrity.  That is why all of my butters, oils and soaps are fair trade from Africa and around the world. 


Along the way, I will be offering education on various products and I am always available to speak with you and help you create your body care solutions.

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