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About Takeout Meals:  New in 2021 Hanak Foods offers hot takeout meals at their Ingersoll Location 42 Thames St S from Tuesday - Saturday 12-7pm.  Our goal is to introduce you to the world of African Cuisine.  If African cuisine is new to you consider trying the Jollof Rice (available with beef, chicken or vegan).  Both the Jollof and Fufu are available as vegan dishes. We also offer Keto options – see menu descriptions for options. see our daily menu,  there is a daily vegetarian jollof special. Order by midnight the evening before you pickup for family trays.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------—————————————--The African Experience:  Hanak Foods offers mini experiences for group for 4, that showcase west African ingredient and taste testing. Visitors experience a history and visual education from in store tours with the opportunity to take out hot meals in Ingersoll Location 42 Thames St S . Open Tuesday- Saturday 12-7pm   We offer a special African virtual tour perfect for a virtual getaway as you enjoy some education and art from Africa. Live fully with a staycation in Canada and tell your own African story through food! Choose between regular African meals and/or Keto meals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------About Hanak Foods: In 2016, HANAK foods brand launched the first bottled Nigerian stew (a flavourful tomato based sauce) and we have been providing ethnic choices in shops across Canada since. The Nigerian community was especially proud of this product because it cut cook time into mere minutes for wholesome meals, like jollof rice. Now it's enjoyed across all of Canada. With top quality vegetables from southern Ontario, we bring you the best products including spices and keto jam. We work with local shops and stores to supply you only with the very best quality products we think you deserve.