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Halal, Vegan, No Added Meats, Local Ingredients, Always delicious.

Enjoy delicious Hanak Nigerian Stew in ready to eat jars.

A pantry staple for those busy days and nights.

Ready in 5 minutes; just pour and simmer over protein of choice. Use to make a variety of dishes. 

Refrigerate after opening.




A Nigerian staple tomato sauce blend. you could say this is a comfort food that brings you home any day. enjoy with virtually any type of food. Our sauce is made from natural products, making it safe to consume.  We add no preservatives and ensure our cook process and packaging is safe for your health. Make your family delicious meals with our Nigerian stew to leave smiles on every member of your family!


Made from blended tomatoes and vegetables, Nigerian Stew is the best way to make your stews not only look good but taste great. It adds a unique flavour and warm appealing colour to your beef, chicken, rice, fish, and even traditional vegetables. Our Nigerian Stew is a great way to make well-seasoned meals for your family!

Luxurious and Expensive Flavour

Add a luxurious and expensive flavour to any dish with Nigerian stew. It comes in a 500ml jar, which is easy to open. The sauce is made from natural products, processed in our facilities making it safe to consume. Nigerian stew is a trusted partner in the kitchen, helping you add color and enrich your meals so that the whole family can enjoy fantastic African seasoning!


It can be used to add seasoning in a variety of dishes like beef, chicken, potatoes, fish, and even traditional vegetables. It has an equally diverse aroma that makes your family and friends crave for your delicious dishes!

The Price is a Steal

It is readily available in the market at a great price without compromising on quality.

Easy to use

It is easy to open the lid and close for preservation. For the best taste, add it to your dishes or grilled, boiled or fried meats, simmer 3-4 minutes, reduce the heat to absorb all your meat, meal or vegetable flavours, and serve.


Store the remaining sauce in the pantry or refrigerator and ensure that the lid is well sealed!


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